Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation was established in 1995 in Taiwan. We take care of nearly 10,000 seniors who live alone, are disadvantaged, or are disabled annually. We provide year-round home-based services, community-based services, and program-based services to meet the various needs of seniors. These include home visits, long-term care services, accompanied shopping trips or delivery of supplies, accompanied medical appointments, health promotion activities, accompanied dream fulfillment services, and festive activities, among other diverse services.

Hondao strives to become a professional team that can actively help Taiwan adapt to an aging society. We uphold the "people-oriented" spirit, providing stable, reliable, and high-quality services, while also exerting our influence in the field of elderly care, to encourage industry, government, academia, and the general public to build trust and collaborate in building a friendly society for aging.

Taiwan is projected to become a super-aged society by 2025, with the elderly population reaching 20%. This means out of every five people, there will be one elderly over the age of 65. Our focus extends beyond the elderly's personal challenges, such as "physical, mental, social engagement, financial security", encompassing broader social issues such as "constructing a suitable and complete care support network, and subverting social stereotypes".

Hondao cares for the elderly with disabilities, dementia, or any health condition. Hondao has developed over 40 programs, in six different aspects: "Healthy Aging", "Quality Care", "Financial Security", "Self-Actualization", "Friendly Environment" and "Talent Cultivation" to maintain the personal health of seniors, improve the system, and build positive images of aging.

Hondao listens to the need of an aging society, develops and provides suitable services. In 2021, Hondao held 4,238 live and virtual events with 158,606 participants; performed 42,692 home visits; and cared for 265,587 elderlies with disabilities through residential services or daycare centers. In addition, Hondao participated in various policy committee meetings or expert consultation meetings concerning elderly care, shared its practical experiences and insights with policymakers, firms, and NPOs to promote effective policymaking.

Highlighted Program: "Hot meal program" 
The "Hot meal program for disadvantaged elderly living alone" prevents many disadvantaged seniors who live alone from facing the plight of hunger and malnutrition, that may arise from being unable to prepare meals at home or go out to purchase food, due to economic hardships, disabilities, aging issues, or living in remote areas. The program raises 12 million NTD for the 200 thousand hot meals provided throughout the year, ensuring that every senior receives a hot and nutritious lunch every day.

Since the year of 2019, Hondao has been organizing the "Go Grandriders, traveling thousands of miles to spread love" event annually, having Grandriders (不老騎士:Chinese translation for forever young riders) serve as the ambassadors of the "Hot meal program", urging the public to donate and support the program during the round-the-island trip. Through the advocacy of the Grandriders and the effort of Hondao's staff, the program has consistently received support from the public, so that love could continuously carry on.

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